Polyglot Interview | Episode 9 | Dasha

Today’s guest is Dasha. She is a super polyglot and You tuber.


Hi there my name is Dasha I live in the UK I live in London I’m originally from Ukraine but I grew up in the UAE end in Cyprus we worked in the legal sector and litigation and I now working Financial recruiting but I have a passion like, you said, for languages. I have a YouTube channel I teach English because I lived in so many countries I picked up about six seven languages and I thought I’d share my Journey on YouTube with you as well and also help people improve their English.


・About language journey(言語学習の道のり) 1:13

・About pronunciation mistakes(発音の間違いについて) 4:09

・About start thinking in English(英語で考えることについて) 13:06

・A Message for language learners(言語学習者へのメッセージ)24:13

It’s Dasha | Youtube