Polyglot Interview | Episode 10 | Gina


Yes absolutely and thank you again for having me here today I really appreciate it. My name is Gina and I have a YouTube channel called ismy Gina where I started this channel in April 2021 and I make a lot of videos and Egyptian Arabic because this is one of the languages I’m learning so I make it so I make videos to practice my language learning as well as to create more contents for entertainment for native speakers as well as for learning content for Learners because there is not a lot of resources available so I want to just kind add to that and then in addition to that I have an Instagram page which is also ismy Gina and also to practice even more I make bilingual memes in Egyptian Arabic and English again for practice and then again it’s just more content for language Learners and then besides apart from the social Media stuff I’m currently a master’s student and I’m doing a master’s degree and TESOL which is teaching English speakers of other languages and then also I am currently an English tutor on italki and I’ve been tutoring English since February of 2020 so that’s a little bit about me.

・About language journey1:53

・What inspires you to be a polyglot? 8:41

・How to study Arabic?12:32

・A Message for language learners 16:30

ismy gina اسمي جينا | Youtube