Polyglot Interview | Episode 11 | Alex

・Self-Introduction 0:28

Yes of course, so my name is Alex and I live in the USA. originally I was born in Bulgaria but my family came over here when I was just a baby so I’m a native English speaker I really just love languages if people want to think of me as the person who likes their language is that that’s how I think of myself and I’m all over social media, you know, I have a YouTube channel study with Alex where I talked about all sorts of language related things I have an Instagram which is Paul Alex, I have a website where I talk about language related topics I’m giving tips, you know, my experiences that’s on study with alex.com and yeah that’s me.

・About language journey 1:21

・The benefits of learning languages 05:16

・How to incorporate language learning into a busy life 07:37

・A Message for language learners 10:21

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