Polyglot Interview | Episode 3 | Emily

Today’s guest is Emily. She is a super polyglot and speaks 9 languages.


Yes, definitely. Hi every one, My name is Emily. I am originally from Arkansas and United States I’m not surprised if no one knows where Arkansas is. Because it’s a really really small state, but it is near Texas, and I think a lot of people know about Texas, so and then, I also created my YouTube channel my language Paradise. About almost year ago, I made it and in June of last year whenever the pandemic was really at a time, so it’s been a little while but I I really love sharing my passion for languages, and of course I love giving progress updates, especially and kind of talking about language and identity as well that’s also a really big topic and yeah.

こんにちは。私はエミリーです。元々は私はアメリカのアーカンソー州出身です。誰もこの州を知らないことに全く驚きません。ですが、テキサス州の近くだと言えば皆さんすぐに分かるでしょう。「my language Paradise」というYouTubeチャンネルを一年前ぐらい前に始めました。私は言語への情熱を共有するのが好きで、語学力の成長の経過を皆さんに伝えたり、言語とアイデンティティも大事なトピックとなっています。

・About language journey(言語学習の旅)

right yes definitely and I would say so I would say it all started with German I mean I like many in the United States grew up Justin a very monolingual environment so I spoke pretty much only English until I turned eighteen or so and I did have friends in high school and I did not have a really good experience with that because at first I had a really good teacher and I found French to be pretty easy and for the next few years of high school I had a really bad teacher for free and that really that really does lower one’s motivation I was really surprised looking back on it although my motivation got so and I think that also was very discouraging for me because I thought I might have a very limiting beliefs like well I’m never going to speak our language fluently maybe I can just learn the basics but I’ve never going to get stuff for you and so I don’t know I think that’s the mindset that I actually went into you and it doesn’t sound very hopeful of course because that’s what sounds very discouraging when you talk to yourself that way but I just told myself you know I’m not going to take this too seriously if I when I went into it thinking that I I wanted to move to Europe permanently and I picked Germany because I only knew about the world war the course and I knew that there where is he these people open it’s just their past that’s why I wanted to go and I always I always knew that they were more bit our house of your route so and of course I learned a lot about European History of the United States and Europe decided to just show you the basics and after I got into a little bit more of the grammar I discovered how much I loved it and so then I decided we’ll maybe I can liner in this in college because of course I’m 18 and I was trying to you and apologize after that so I got accepted into a literature class for German and I think that was a really big growing point for me I didn’t think that I could do anything like that and it was already happening so you know and so I I really wanted to go abroad though and I wanted you to take full advantage of studying abroad so I knew that I already wanted to go to Germany of course for my Sony Bravia to just kind of do a trial run and see how living in in Germany would be an idiot determining if I wanted to come back and I guess it’s funny to think about because so intense with guy with German then this other opportunity before I went to Germany about a year before I went to Germany came up because there was a dance program that I was accepted into in Italy and I don’t know I think about it 

You think about okay maybe I could like wear a little bit of Italian even though it was essentially an American school that I was being accepted into you for the dance program we were going to be in early anyways so I thought I would go ahead and learn some Italian so I was I was pretty intense with that to you because I just I wanted to be as soon as possible before going there I was only going to be there for about 4 months. Like I need to take full advantage of this and so you know and of course there are tons of resources to learn both Italian and German I think that for me it was it was easy just to to figure out which which resources in which websites I can already use basically I’m a little bit easier but I did go to Italy and study about their first before I went to Germany and Italy was absolutely amazing I mean my Italian wasn’t as good as my German course when I initially went to Italy but I think after I left Italy my Italian was much better than I do you know so yeah and then I just stayed for about a summer in the United States and then I went to Germany after and yeah to two very different experiences and I think that has to do with you as well but I learned so much and I think that by learning the language is really well of both of those countries really enhance that experience way more than if I had just relied on English now yeah yeah so yeah and then I came back actually let me go back to YouTube for me so I have course when it’s you take advantage of of the language learning opportunities in Germany because the one I was like okay like maybe I could have one more thing I decided actually because I said how I’m really fascinated by language and identity and of course when I went to Germany in 2017 the refugee crisis of course was really big deal and people were talking all about it and to be honest I I felt very out of place and in Germany and I think I was looking for a way to connect with other people maybe he felt and I decided to go I guess investigate more of like the the role of the Turkish population. They had to come back or come to really help rebuild Germany during the war and I also started learning Spanish and my second semester in Germany because I was like why not this is going to be a very useful language whenever I get back to you after I got back to finish my last year at university in the United States I still continue to take some literature courses just a few and Ash and I would say that especially in Arkansas Spanish would be the second language the most popular language to learn because there were so many family is especially from Mexico and Honduras that really needed a lot of help getting my green cards to America and really need navigating to an immigration system so I got onto that definitely and did an internship as well profit that really helps with that without process for people who wanted to officially emigrate and everything and also did a few a few translations for another internships for a hospital for patients who could not understand English well and still needed to know about their condition right so helpful to have someone for Spanish you could if you could translate that for them for that information and I think after that I decided I brought against you Germany and I decided actually to go to Berlin so the first time I was in Dortmund Well I mean I I wanted you to speak with with people so I knew that I didn’t want to study like really classical Arabic from the Quran yet yeah yeah and it’s I know that that’s really really hard to do that was really the time when I knew that I was taking resources for granted that I didn’t know what I didn’t really know where to start to look I knew how I learned which is Arabic and mostly because I don’t know when I’m going to go back to you to Germany or turkey I was in Berlin about nine months before the pandemic started and I decided to go back to United States because it was the best decision that the time and everything is closed so I yeah yeah yeah and yeah it was it was hard at first but I think that’s that’s kind of actually what what triggered me into into learning Russian because I already knew in terms of grammar how is the case system as we call it for German works and I knew Russian had a similar structure for grammar and so I was not at all deterred even though people always or language learners for Russian the grammar in terms of learning cases is especially challenging but I did do a video about Portuguese and I think I I started learning it maybe maybe even two months ago but I actually just dropped the language for right now I mean it still language that I want to learn but I think I may have to swap it before Hebrew because I am planning to apply for a scholarship that would go to Israel so I really like to learn some Hebrew before that so me and story maybe we’ll keep doing and yeah great person






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